Menus for (business) groups

Reservation 3 menus for (business) groups R estaurant 'La Clef d'Or' welcomes you for your business or family meetings. The restaurant and its veranda are a very cosy, warm place to enjoy a gastronomic meal during Winter Season. Capacity 45 to 60 persons. Reservation

Bass filets from Lake Léman

reservations Bass filets from Lake Léman Our bass filets from the Léman Lake are selected by our exigency of quality and come from local catching. Other fish comes from the Mediterranean and the French Atlantic coast, like cod and bream, soles from the Britany coasts, and mullet from

Hire our restaurant

Hire our restaurant The perfect place to celebrate your wedding, jubilées, family gathering etc. A smashing location with terrace for up to 80 persons. Please contact us for further details. Entre Genève et lausanne hotel restaurant La Clef d’Or is situated in Bursinel, charming vineyard village. Mid way between Geneve and Lausanne, just

La Clef d’Or in Bursinel

reservations The restaurant A restaurant with its spectacular terrace with views on the Léman Lake and the breathtaking Alps. Located between Genève and Lausanne, just above the Léman Lake, the situation of this hotel restaurant is unique. Smashing views just above the vineyards and facing the Alps. You’ll

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