All our foie gras comes from the South West of France

All our foie gras (duck or goose liver) comes from the South West of France. They are prepared in the traditional way by low température cooking to maintain all the délicate aromas without altering its délicate structure.

On our menu all year round: the South West menu » with the Gersoise salad with foie gras as a starter.

South West Menu

The “South West Menu” (from the culinary well know area of the Perigord and the Gers region) : a Gersoise salad as a starter, a cassoulet from Toulouse with white beans and slow cooked duck, dried plumbs from Agen prepared in Armagnac. Price 59 CHF
The origins from the chef : The Gersois salad, a refined combination of smoked duck breast, foie gras, green salad, garlic bread, topped with sissling duck gizzards.
The cassoulet is a homely warming dish, served with 3 or 4 different meats, of which the famous ‘confit de canard’ (slow cooked duck in its own fat) ancestrally prepared in our kitchen. The icecream with prunes and armagnac to finalize is just delicious.
Tasted with one of the delicious wines from South west France ; a Cahors or a Madiran, it’s just perfect !