The Hunting Season at La Clef d’Or

During the autumn hunting season there’s a lot of exitement in our kitchen. It’s all about perfect quality and great tastes. It’s a mixture of different elements, sweet, sour, spicy flavours. Something a classical menu cannot always propose. The Octobre kitchen is a mix from different seasons and elaborate techniques from the chef. Many key elements are important on your plate: the perfect roasting of the game, the sauce and 4 to 6 side dishes of which one is the famous home made Spätzle.

Menu chasse de La Clef d’Or




Wild boar home terrine with Armagnac, hazelnut and
trompette de la mort, onion preserve


Pheasant roll with foie gras,
compote of dried fruits



Noisette of venison with pepper sauce


Wild boar stew with chestnuts and homemade duck fumed



Saint-Hubert ice-cream cup with nuts and pears with wine


Chestnut vermicelli, double cream,
homemade meringue


Autumn-inspired gourmet plate

CHF 72.–

Our hunting dishes are served with Saint-Hubert garnish

brussels sprouts, prunes with bacon, quince, cranberry jam, pear in Botzi, mushrooms, ice chestnuts, homemade spätzlis

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